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5 Mistakes You Want to Avoid When in a Strip Club

Are you planning to visit the top strip club Fortitude Valley has nowadays, such as the Candy Club? If you are, here are a handful of common slip-ups people do when strip clubbing, which you certainly want to avoid.

Not Giving Generous Tips

A tip is just like a token of appreciation given to the people who deserve it. If you are having a great time, it is only right to pull out some dollars out of your pocket as a “thank you” for their service. You may give tip to the bartender for giving you top-notch drink, for the waitress for the timely and polite service, or for the strippers for keeping you company for a while.

Refusing to Pay for a Song or Dance

A lot of people annoyingly walk into the club thinking it is a place for free live erotic entertainment. However, the girls who perform on stage are there to make money and not to satisfy customers’ lustful fantasies for free.

Therefore, before entering the best strip club Fortitude Valley has to offer, make sure you have the cash to shell out for the girls’ performance.

Touching the Girls

When you are surrounded by beautiful girls, you may easily get captivated and end up wanting to caress those scalding hot bodies. However, instead of satisfying you manly cravings, you might end up getting slapped or worst kicked out of the club by hefty bouncers.

But don’t lose hope; if you are truly dying to have a touch, the safest thing to do is ask.

Not Buying a Drink

A strip club gets the majority of its earnings from the food and liquors they serve. Thus, if you are not willing to buy a drink or two, the club is not the best place for you to hang out in.

Letting Alcohol Take Over Your Mind

With all the blaring club music, mesmerising disco lights, hot showgirls, and the splendid alcoholic drinks, things can get extremely overwhelming and you might end up losing self-control.

However, do remember that any wrong move in the club can have you kicked out. For that reason, drink moderately and get a hold of yourself if you don’t want to deal with the hulking bouncers.

Final Thoughts

Having a steamy night at the top strip club Fortitude Valley has to suggest does not have to be demanding. However, being mindful of your actions and avoiding the missteps mentioned above is essential in order to have the best night.

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